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What is Vitamin C derivative?​


Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) is expected to have various effects such as removal of active oxygen, prevention of acne pigmentation, and melanin pigment suppression. Therefore, it is an ingredient called "Beautiful skin vitamin" which is indispensable for skin care and whitening, but its stability is low and it is easy to oxidize when it comes in contact with air, loses its activity when dissolved in water, and vitamin C itself is to skin It has the property that absorption is difficult.
The vitamin C derivative is an improvement on such weaknesses of vitamin C. Vitamin C derivatives have the property of improving penetration into the stratum corneum, converting to vitamin C by enzymatic reaction at a distance close to melanin after being absorbed by the skin, and having long-lasting activity

Daily care products
  • AP Cleanser
  • VC Lotion
  • VC Essence



Special care products

  • AP-FL Essence

  • Bio-Cellulose Mask

  • Amino Peeling 

Hair care product

  • Aminoscalp shampoo

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