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Skin care products

Daily care


      AP Cleanser 

Contains amino acid type of surfactant. It has very poten cleansing effect yet gentle to skin. Oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative "VCIP" neutrize the chlorine in the tap water. Suitable for all type skin.

VC lotion.jpg

        VC Lotion

Soft feel lotion contains a water-soluble Vitamin C derivative (AP), which help to brrightening skin. It may also be used for iontophoresis. It is recommended for oily skin having trouble of acne, shiny and stickness.

VC essence.jpg

        VC Essence

Lightweight moisturiser provides essential hydration to repair and protect against photo-aging. Keep soft and supple all day long suitable for all skin types

Special care

AP FL.jpg

      AP-FL Essence 

Super anti-oxidant, Fullerene is formulated into this luxury essence. With synergetic powder with Vitamin C derivative (AP), prevent from various skin aging problem, like fine line, pigmentation and so on.


    Bio Cellulose Mask "V'olla"

V'olla, Biocellulose mask is a functional mask impregnated with both beauty and  moisurizing ingredients in a sponge made of nano-fibers. It adheres closely to the skin and has superior penetrating and moisurizing power of beauty ingredients than any masks.



Facial cleanser that supports the ability to gently peel off the old keratin that accumulates on the skin suface and urges normal skin turnover.

Aminopeeling contains four types of peeling ingredients including less irritating glycolic acid to people.

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