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Healthy hair from healthy scalp

Without a healthy scalp environment, adequate nutrients required to promote hair growth will not reach the scalp and healthy hair growth will not occur.

Silicon free formulation

we choose silicon-free formulation because silicon gives heavy and greasy feeling, and causes negative effect of perm and coloring


Amino acid based

Amino acids are the major component of hair, and also

exist in human skin as a moisture element. We use amino acid based ingredients as washing components for formulating better shampoo. This shampoo never gives damage to hair as it takes care of the scalp while washing

Moisturizing both scalp and hair

When hair loses moisture, it looks like dried out. And the dryness also causes dandruff and ichiness. Therefore, shampoo for damaged hair is formulated by sugar (maltitol) which is used as moisture ingredient, same as lotion. This shampoo leads your hari to rich moisture feeling.

For resilient and luster

Enriched with botanical extract.

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