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Cosmetic water

Water(Aqua) substitute are attracting attention for adding value to skin care products and hair care products.

Many liquid skincare products have "water" or "Aqua" at the top of the list of all ingredients, but to avoid giving consumers the image that the expected effect on the product is low! 

Instead of water, we developed its substitute having effect and function. In fact, the interest is growing.

We are expanding its lineup of alternative raw materials for water to meet R+D needs. Among them, it is said that sales of water substitute raw materials using materials that are popular as beauty ingredients such as "Collagen water", "Fermented collagen water", and "Placenta water" are performing well.

  • Collagen water
  • Fermented Collagen water
  • Coix Barley fermented water
  • Placenta fermented water
  • Sakakibara onsen sui(water)A
  • Sakakibara onsen sui(water)B
  • Aloevela water
Water Drops

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