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Caspian Sea Yogurt

Caspian Sea Yogurt is originated from the Cocassas region which is located between Black Sea and Caspian Sea in the eastern Europe.
The region is mild climate area with four seasons which are suitable for stock farming and agriculture.
There are a lots of the elderly people who exceeds 100 years old, and those people is called "Centurion", lives energetically in the region, it is known as an eminent long life region in the world .


Homemade yogurt, Caspian Sea Yogurt is a big different from regular yogurt. Caspian Sea Yogurt is viscous and mellow taste yogurt. Such viscous texture is Caspian Sea Yogurt only! It is not only smooth texture but also its efficacy is hidden by the distinctive viscosity. And Caspian Sea Yogurt is fermented at room temperature at 20℃~ 30℃, while regular yogurt need a maker to keep the temperature at 40℃. It is also one of reasons why Caspian Sea Yogurt is so popular as "homemade yogurt".


Various recipe

Same as other yogurts, Caspian Sea Yogurt will be enjoyed to prepare various drinks, desserts, and dishes.
You can get some idea of the recipes from here

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"Beetoligo" is a (Sugar beet), which is extracted 
from sugar beet grown in Hokkaido, Japan. 
It is mellow and rich taste liquid sweetener containing 
Oligo saccharide called Raffinose.
Raffinose got a spotlight of its function to increase 
Bifidobacterium in our intestine.
Not only it helps to boost up our intestinal function 
(PREBIOTICS), but also it is lowercalorie sweetener 
can be used as a replacement for sugar.

It’s color is  golden color without artifical coloring agent
It’s taste is mellow and rich.
It is low calorie sweetener (282 kcal/100g)
Use  for coffee, tea, bread and yogurt, also for various dishes.
Please use this according to your preference.

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